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Crack the codes. Get the cash!

Try Your Lock is a brand-new competition in Surrey and Hampshire where we'll be giving away £1,000 with Brogan Properties Lawyers Ltd.

From the 2nd of September, all you have to do is locate one of our many locks spread out across our broadcast area, crack the code, bring it into Eagle Radio and we will tell you if you have won!

You could win £20 Amazon Vouchers, £50 in cash or one of 10 tickets to our live final when you could be in with a chance of winning £1000!

Don’t worry, we’ll be helping you out along the way.

We will be periodically announcing clues on-air, on our website and on our social media accounts, so make sure you are following Eagle Radio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this September.

Finding A Lock

If you've found a code and plan to head out to get your lock, make sure you're lining the numbers up in the right way!

Have a look at our image so you know where to read your code from.

Remember your lock must be undamaged and you must know the code in order to claim your prize!

To access the codes you need to:

  • Listen to Eagle Radio
  • Search around our website
  • Go to our Facebook page
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Have a look at our Twitter timeline
  • Go to Brogan Properties Lawyers Ltd website
  • Check out the Brogan Properties Lawyers Ltd Facebook page
  • Pop into the Brogan Properties Lawyers Ltd Office
  • Look out for our Facebook Live notifications

This is a family friendly fun competition, please consider the safety of yourself and others when playing the game.

Try Your Lock code instructions

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Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
Try Your Lock
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Lock List:

Number               Available              Status

1                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - Live Final Ticket
2                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
3                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
4                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - Live Final Ticket
5                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
6                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - Live Final Ticket
7                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
8                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
9                             02/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
10                           02/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
11                           02/09/2019         Cracked! - Live Final Ticket
12                           02/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
13                           02/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
14                           02/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
15                           02/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
16                           02/09/2019         Cracked! - Live Final Ticket
17                           04/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
18                           05/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
19                           06/09/2019         Cracked! - Live Final Ticket
20                           10/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
21                           12/09/2019         Cracked! - Live Final Ticket
22                           13/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
23                           16/09/2019         Uncracked
24                           17/09/2019         Uncracked
25                           19/09/2019         Coming Soon

Locks 26 to 30 will be chained to our presenters at secret locations over the next 3 weeks. Listen to Eagle Radio to find out where they'll be!

26                           06/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
27                           09/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
28                           11/09/2019         Cracked! - Live Final Ticket


31                           05/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
32                           09/09/2019         Uncracked
33                           09/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
34                           09/09/2019         Uncracked
35                           11/09/2019         Uncracked
36                           11/09/2019         Cracked! - £20 Amazon
37                           11/09/2019         Cracked! - £50
38                           16/09/2019         Uncracked
39                           16/09/2019         Uncracked
40                           16/09/2019         Uncracked
41                           16/09/2019         Uncracked
42                           16/09/2019         Uncracked
43                           16/09/2019         Coming Soon


Where are the locks?

To see our full map of lock locations, all you have to do is tap the map in the app, available from the 2nd of September.

You can download our app here.

If you’ve solved a lock then you need to call the studio on 01483 451 964 between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday to register your details.

In order to claim your prize you must:

  • Bring your lock, undamaged, to Eagle Radio’s offices in Guildford
  • Know the code for your lock

Eagle Radio staff do not carry cash - winners will be given a letter to exchange for their cash prize.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are in addition to Eagle Radio's Standard Competition Terms and Conditions which can be read by clicking here

  • You must be over 18
  • Only 1 lock per household
  • If you find a golden lock you must be available between 10am and 2pm on Saturday the 28th of September to attend the live final at Brogan Property Lawyers in Frimley
  • In order to claim your prize you must bring your lock, undamaged, to Eagle Radio’s offices in Guildford
  • You will also need to know the code
  • Any damaged locks will be immediately void and you will not be able to redeem your prize
  • Failure to present an undamaged lock as well as proof of the code will result in disqualification from the competition
  • You must bring identification with you when claiming your prize
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