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Visit the Camberley Glass website to find out more
Visit the Camberley Glass website to find out more

School Closures - Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find my school?
You can use the search box to search for any part of the name or address of your school. The schools on this page are mainly in Surrey and North Hampshire. If you think your school should be on our list then please ask the School to contact us directly.

My School says 'No Report'
'No Report' means we have not received any information about the closure of your school.  This may mean the school is open. We strongly recommend if you want to be sure you contact the school directly.

I'm from a school, how do we tell you we're closed?
You can find all the information you need on our School Closures page.
If you have all the information to hand you can call us on 01483 300 964 or email snow@eagleradio.co.uk
Please bear in mind we are likely to be very busy taking phone calls during the bad weather and we may not be able to answer your call straight away.

I'm a parent, I have information on a school
Unfortunately only school staff members can inform us they're closed. If you are not a staff member please ask the school to contact us directly on the above number.

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If you'd like to tell us anything else please include it in the message box below.
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