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How to Write a Job Advert

Job title

Use a search engine friendly description such as 'Children's Social Worker' rather than 'LAC SW'. You can always use more employer brand led descriptions in the main body of the post. TIP: Try searching the role you are posting online, and see which relevant phrases deliver the most response.

Location – town or post code level

Using a town or post code as opposed to a county or region creates three times the response of vacancies that do not provide location specific information. Most candidates cannot afford to relocate. Location is also the key to quality of the response too, as most organisations will not hire candidates with tough travelling conditions.

Job description

  • Keep it clear and concise.
  • Use 'filters'. such as level of education required, experience level, and so on, in order to avoid being swamped with unsuitable applications.
  • Address readers directly. This will help them to visualise themselves in the role. For example, 'you will be responsible for...'
  • Sell the company. Include a short piece about what makes the organisation a great place to work and make it sound as dynamic and compelling as possible. Help readers to see how the role could be a positive move for their career development, by highlighting any unique opportunities which the position offers.
  • Keep it Simple. Don't use jargon or clichés, and keep sentences short so they can be easily digested. In terms of layout, the text should be well spaced out. Bullet points are a good way of conveying important pieces of information in a concise manner.

Company description

Use common, jargon free terms to describe the company/organisation's sector and position, e.g. 'UK top 5 Retailer'. Do describe the culture of the organisation, and if the business has any Social Media profile pages eg LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook show the links to these here. Include both the company name and a short description. ‘Leading brand’. Remember google friendly descriptions. The majority of description will be in the body of the job post.

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