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Join Fennies Woking and get an additional £2,000 within 1 year. Apply now

Random Acts of Kindness - with We Are Woking to beat the blues

Watch all our Random Acts of Kindness from 2018


Day 1: Farnham

Simon and Morning Matt visited Caracoli in Farnham and paid for people's coffees.

Day 2: Aldershot

PG and Karl visited the young people living at the Aldershot based Charity Step By Step.

As a Random Act of Kindness they were given tickets to the cinema and a radio experience with us here at Eagle Radio!



Day 3: Guildford

Morning Matt and Bev headed down to Waitrose in Guildford and paid for people's shopping!

Day 4: Cranleigh

Adam and Simon were running around a car park in Cranleigh paying for people's tickets as our 4th Random Act of Kindness.


Day 5: Farnborough

Adam and Morning Matt visited Farnborough Town Centre and handed out cakes and fruit to volunteers and charity workers!

Day 6: Camberley

Adam and Simon were in another car park... but this time in Camberley! They awarded £50 to the first car they saw that had an Eagle Sticker in the back.

Day 7: Bramley

It was fish and chips on a Friday! Jack and Simon visited Bramley to pay for people's takeaway lunches.

Day 8: Farnborough

We were back in Farnborough today for half term where Simon and Bev paid for families to go swimming, bowling and visit the soft play!

Day 8: Guildford

An extra one!

We had an email from Lisa at Caring Day Care in Guildford saying it was her colleague Julie's last day. So, Simon and Bev went to surprise her with some flowers.

Day 9: Guildford

Kim and Eggbert headed down to the annual Guildford Pancake Race to give out free pancakes to the spectators!

Day 10: Woking

Adam and Simon were in Woking for Valentines Day handing out free roses and chocolates.

Day 11: Guildford


Day 12: Frimley

Adam and Morning Matt surprised the Stroke Ward staff at Frimley Park hospital with fruit to thank them for all their hard work.

Day 13: Bagshot

Day 14: Dorking

Day 15: Merrow

Day 16: Fleet

Day 18: Godalming

Day 19: Bordon

Waverley Abbey House