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Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon

On 24th May, we at Eagle Radio and our listeners will be supporting Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care by hosting a Radiothon dedicating 12 hours of our programming 7am until 7pm to fundraising for the charity.

We have set a target of raising £40,000 to help fund one of Phyllis Tuckwell’s nurses.

Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon

Auction Items

Scroll through our items being auctioned for Phyllis Tuckwell on Jumblebee.  

How You Can Be Involved...

1. Request A Song

We will play any song (within reason!) you want to hear for whoever you want on the radio if you donate a minimum £10.00 online to Phyllis Tuckwell. We will do our best to play all the songs requested. Request here.

2. Bid In Our Auction

We'reauctioning must-have items including Surrey County Show family tickets, Four Season's Afternoon Tea, Silent Pool Gin Tours, and a Brilliant Round Diamond.

3. Flash Sale Vouchers

We're giving you the chance to buy must-have voucher offers every hour. They will be in a first come first serve flash sale and once they are gone, they are gone. All proceeds going to Phyllis Tuckwell. Vouchers include 50% Off Thorpe Park Annual Passes.

Local schools and businesses are also encouraged to support the appeal with fundraising activities taking place during the day; from cake sales, mufti days to sponsored walks and dress down Fridays.

Also donate via our Just Giving page here.

Ways To Donate

  Via JustGiving
  In A Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Shop
  By Telephone

Get Our £1,000 Minute Answers

The answers for Tuesday's £1,000 Minute on the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show will be in Phyllis Tuckwell Shops across the area on the day of the Radiothon. So why don't you make a visit to make a donation and grab the answers!
Julie Lodge - Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

How Phyllis Tuckwell Helped Julie Lodge

“As soon as I got here, I felt safe,” said Julie. Julie Lodge was referred to Phyllis Tuckwell after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Maggie McGlynn - Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

How Phyllis Tuckwell Helped Maggie Glynn

“I didn’t want Mum to die at home,” says Zoe. “I would have preferred her to have gone to the Hospice because she’d have had 24/7 care there."

Locations Of Phyllis Tuckwell Shops

Flash Sale Voucher Offers

Limited stock of vouchers will go on sale each hour, once they are gone they are gone.

Branston Adams

Follow The 12 Mile Sponsored Walk

Paul from Branston Adams and Jane from Kallkwik will be walking from Guildford to Farnham on May 24th in order to raise money for the Phyllis Tuckwell Radiothon. 

They will be starting with us here at Eagle Radio in Guildford at around 8AM and will be taking part in the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show.

Next, they will then be walking along the North Downs Way and stopping at a few chosen local venues to the end venue of Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Waverley, Farnham later that day.

Want to see Paul and Jane on the walk? Meet them at...

  • Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Guildford around 9AM
  • Ye Olde Ship Inn Guildford
  • Watts Gallery around 11AM
  • The Jolly Farmer, Puttenham around 12.30PM
  • Farnham Golf Club (The Sands) – around  3PM
  • Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care Farnham 

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