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Eagle Sat Nav

96.4 Eagle Radio - Surrey & Hampshire's Number One Service for Travel is giving you yet another great service for the roads.

You can now take Kim Robson with you wherever you go!

Simply download Kim's voice to your Sat Nav (TomTom only at this stage) and she will instruct you on your journey!

1. Right click here to download to your computer (click save)

2. Unzip the files to your computer

3. Connect your TomTom to your computer and locate the root directory

4. Copy the 6 voice files to your memory card into your 'Voices' folder located on the 'root' of the TomTom memory card.

5. You can then pick Kim Robson to guide you in the voices section of your TomTom!

IMPORTANT TIP FOR PDA TT USERS: the TomTom folder may be located on the main memory of your PDA, NOT on the memory card.  If this is the case, you will need to use your synchronisation software (for example ActiveSync) and navigate to where you originally installed the main software onto.