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Police and Crime Commissioner Diaries

Eagle Radio's Police and Crime Commissioner Diaries is a chance for you to find out more about the work your PCC is doing.

The role was created in 2012, with the latest elections held in May 2016. David Munro is PCC for Surrey and Michael Lane is PCC for Hampshire.

PCCs are there to be the voice of the people and hold the police to account. They are responsible for all policing in their area.

Eagle Radio's Police and Crime Commissioner Diaries give you the chance to learn more about the work they do on your behalf.


Police line - do not cross

David Munro (Surrey) November 2017

David Munro (Surrey) November 2017

Why David Munro isn't planning to take over Surrey Fire and Rescue, Surrey Police gets a good report and he starts by talking about council tax.

David Munro (Surrey) October 2017

David Munro (Surrey) October 2017

How do you tackle an 'unprecedented' number of traveller incursions? And who should pay for the police officer pay rise?

David Munro (Surrey) July 2017

David Munro (Surrey) July 2017

In his first in the series, David Munro talks counter terrorism and how finances are impacting on local policing.

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