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Theresa May announces resignation
Visit the Kebur Garden Materials website
Visit the Kebur Garden Materials website

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Ariana Grande sued for allegedly uploading photographer's photo of herself to Instagram

Pop star Ariana Grande is being sued for allegedly uploading a photographer's picture of herself to her Instagram account, according to legal documents.

Game Of Thrones re-make petition sees huge boost after finale (spoiler free)

The petition encouraging the Game Of Thrones writers to re-make the last season of the show has seen a huge boost in signatures following the final ever episode, taking the total number of names to more than 1.2 million.

Roy Of The Rovers gets makeover for Women's World Cup

Roy Of The Rovers will feature a female lead for the first time in the comic book's 65-year history to coincide with the Women's World Cup.

Warning - spoilers! Game Of Thrones review: The final episode

Cometh the hour, cometh the… well, cometh the Three-Eyed Raven, apparently.

Calvin Klein apologises to LGBTQ community over Bella Hadid kissing robot advert

Calvin Klein apologises to LGBTQ community over Bella Hadid kissing robot advert

American fashion brand Calvin Klein has been forced to apologise after fans accused it of "queerbaiting" in its new advertising campaign.

Christmas Dinner Sunday Roast

What is the nation's favourite family meal?

Roast beef, jacket potato, pizza and spaghetti bolognese have all made the list - but what do you reckon came top this year?

Bake Off Hosts Channel 4

Bake Off Bans Innuendos! Here's Our Favourites

Viewers will be missing hearing who's best at ganashing their buns or who has fallen victim to a soggy bottom.


WATCH: 10 facts you may not know about Madonna

We made the list as the Queen of Pop turns 60!

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