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8 Things from the 80s You'll Never Forget!

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8 Things from the 80s You'll Never Forget!

Published at 2:52pm 28th August 2018. (Updated at 2:55pm 28th August 2018)

We're getting nostalgic!

Here are 8 things we guarantee you'll remember from the 80s!

Jelly Shoes

Believe it or not, these bad boys are making a come back, and you can see why! You just couldn't resist the glittery look. What we all remember once you lift you rose tinted glasses, are the blisters! Nothing means pain like a jelly shoe blister...


Cassette Tapes

Now if you ask us everyone should know what a cassette tape is, but ask the kids of today and they won't have a clue! The worlds moved on from these little guys, but they still have a place in our heart. Even if it was a pain looking for a pencil to wind them back!




Wakka-wakka-wakka-wakka. We all know the familiar sound of Pac-Man, and if you weren't very good you have a special place in your heart for the Game Over sound effect. What a simpler time; collect the pellets, avoid the ghosts, eat the fruit. 



Back to the Future

We couldn't talk about the 80's and NOT talk about this ICONIC trio of films. Ask anyone and they will at the very least know about these films, most people, like us, love them to bits! They are fun, exciting and a great look at what people thought our current time would look like, And they still hold up today! There are so many great quotes about the Back to the Future trilogy; "1.21 Gigawatts!", "We've gotta go back!", and our favourite:  



Walkman Cassette Player

You had to have one of these to be the cool kid at school. Look at you, you can listen to your cassette music collection where ever you go and wear them on your hip like a proper dude. These are quite trendy to have again now, so if you've got a dusty layer laying around the attic, maybe crack it out again, just for the memories.

The Walkman


By the power of Grayskull!

You've seen He-Man pop up recently in a few T.V ads, and when the kids asked about him you probably responded by shouting the words "by the power of Grayskull" at the top of your lungs. Well they may have looked at you with confused faces, but we would have shouted along with you!  We can't forget this iconic moment and the man battles against Skeletor. Here you, shout along with He-Man below: 


Speak and Spell

If you were lucky you had one of these. Possibly the first computer you owned the Speak and Spell would literally speak to you, and then ask you to spell the words it spoke! It's nothing compared to the gadgets and tech we have today, but we've got a soft spot for the machine that taught us... it's a wonder we don't talk with a robotic accent.

Speak & Spell


The ZX Spectrum 48K

Once you outgrew the Speak and Spell, this could have been your upgrade. The best (if you ask us) video game console to ever be made. Some of our favourites include Horace Goes Skiing, Outrun, Gauntlet and Jet Set Willy.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K :)