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Eight year old gives out 'Hugs in a Bag' to Surrey care home residents

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Eight year old gives out 'Hugs in a Bag' to Surrey care home residents

Published by the Eagle Radio News Team at 6:32am 29th June 2020. (Updated at 9:44am 29th June 2020)

An eight year old girl from Haslemere has given out hugs to 50 care home residents - while still obeying social distancing.

Savannah has invented a hug in a bag which involves two colourful handprints, joined by string and then draped around the neck to mimic a hug.

She told Eagle Radio she thought of the idea when she was unable to give her own grandma a cuddle because of coronavirus:

I went to my grandma's and I wanted to give her a big hug and I couldn't.

"So I had to think of a great idea. 

"It's something that hugs you and makes you feel better and doesn't make you feel so lonely. 

"I've given out 50 hugs and that makes me feel happy for them and I'm just that they're happy." 

Savannah hug in a bag
Savannah hug in a bag

Savannah, who is a pupil at the Royal Junior School in Hindhead, wanted to cheer up residents of the Huntington and Langham Estate care home who are having to socially distance during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘hugs’ were delivered to the Estate in individual bags and have since been distributed to residents.

Mum Claire Kimber says she is very proud:

"She really cares about older people and I could see she was quite upset that she couldn't hug grandma,

"I'm proud she persevered with the idea. 

"You know little minds they're trying to work out why they can't give the hugs they used to give and Savannah she has a very kind heart."