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Farnham pupil describes what it was like going back to school

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Farnham pupil describes what it was like going back to school

Published by Lettie Buxton at 5:11pm 1st June 2020.

Despite schools in England reopening today (1 June) for certain year groups, not all parents chose to send their children in.

As part of the government's ease of lockdown, pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 have been allowed back into classrooms.

Mum Payal Choudhary decided to send her 11 year-old son back to South Farnham School, even though he has asthma.

She told Eagle Radio about why she made that decision:

"I still chose to send him because I thought, 'there's no way he's completely safe', because I have to go out, my partner has to go out, we sometimes have to go food shopping and having to go to work.

"So no matter how careful we are, we can still potentially bring some infection in.

"We just have to carry on being sensible.

"It's a good lesson for him also to know he has to be sensible and we've been teaching him things - how to wash his hands, how to avoid contact and if he feels he has touched something to go and wash his hands.

"I felt he had that intelligence."

Her son Aarav Khera told us he had a good day back at school and it was nice to see his friends.

He also spoke about what he got up to today:

"We had to wash our hands a lot, we got split into different classes and I got to play some football - stuff like that.

"We had to sit on our own tables away from each other - we'd normally sit with six people - and we got to eat our lunch outside as well which was quite fun.

"It was quite weird, but I didn't think too much about it.

"If you just listen to all of the rules then it won't be scary [going back into school]."