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"By providing soap, you are literally providing life"

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"By providing soap, you are literally providing life"

Published by Lettie Buxton at 6:00am 30th May 2020. (Updated at 7:52am 30th May 2020)

A Surrey charity is calling for donations to allow it to buy bars of soap for families in Darfur, Sudan, as coronavirus reportedly spreads across the region.

Kids for Kids, which adopts remote villages in the region where children are living in poverty, has said families in these rural villages are becoming increasingly more at risk of the virus, with soap as the only means of preventing it.

The Dorking-based charity has received reports that on average 12 people a day are dying in the towns of El Fasher and Mellit from coronavirus-like symptoms, but, as there are no tests, it cannot be confirmed as COVID-19.

Patricia Parker MBE, founder of Kids for Kids, told Eagle Radio about why soap is so important for villagers in Darfur:

"You live in a little straw hut, you only have one bowl that the whole family eats from with their hands - they don't have knives and forks and spoons.

"So, unless those hands are clean, there isn't a chance of saving people from the virus if it gets to a village.

"By providing soap, you are literally providing life.

"One of the things people could do is please everybody - will you tell people about Kids for Kids?

"Get people to donate, please.

"You don't have to do very much to make a massive difference.

"I've never been so desperate in my life, as this appeal."

Kids for Kids

Kids for Kids - or Goats for Kids - was set up after Patricia visited Darfur and was "completely shocked" when she saw how children were living.

She saw a nine-year-old boy, called Ibrahim, who was walking for seven hours to reach a hand pump for water and then carrying the jerry can back to his family.

Ibrahim now has children of his own, with Patricia adding she "can't bear thinking about" his family getting the virus.

Kids for Kids Ibrahim

Donations can be made online to the charity's Urgent Soap Appeal.

To find out more about the charity call 07957 206440.