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'The roads may be quieter but the speed limit is the same' say Surrey Police

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'The roads may be quieter but the speed limit is the same' say Surrey Police

Published by the Eagle Radio News Team at 10:34am 19th May 2020. (Updated at 11:00am 19th May 2020)

Surrey's roads may be quieter during lockdown but speed limits have not changed - a reminder from the police as they continue to tackle speeding on our county's roads. 

Surrey Police say the change in restrictions - regarding return to work, social distancing and avoiding public transport where possible - could impact on road use and safety.

Drive SMART – The Surrey Safer Roads Partnership - is telling residents to share roads responsibly, slow down, and save lives. 

Over the last few days, several drivers have been pulled over by police for driving well over the speed limit - at 100mph or more. 

Chief Inspector Michael Hodder is in charge of roads policing across Surrey and Sussex:

“At this time, it is essential that people are able to exercise for both physical and mental health.

“Cycling, jogging and walking are great options and we want people to be able to undertake these activities safely without fear of injury.

"However, it is unfortunate that there are a minority of people that think speeding is acceptable.

"We urge drivers and motorcyclists to ditch the excuses and remind them we will be enforcing speed limits at high priority locations targeting those who present themselves to be a danger on the roads.”

Whilst we are now allowed to travel further and stay outside for longer periods of time Chief Inspector Michael Hodder’s message is clear:

"Emptier roads may lead to temptation for irresponsible drivers who do not foresee the consequences of their actions. It only takes a split second for something catastrophic to happen.

"We must share the roads responsibly, with more pedestrians and cyclists outdoors, it is imperative we continue to work together to reduce the pressure on the NHS and emergency services, so they can focus their efforts on saving lives and caring for our communities.”