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Hampshire Lions Clubs donate computers to children in need

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Hampshire Lions Clubs donate computers to children in need

Published by Grace Mcgachy at 4:27pm 6th May 2020.

Lions Clubs in Hampshire are appealing for donations so they can continue to provide children in need with computers.

The recycled computers project brings together clubs in Fleet, Farnborough, Hart, Rushmoor, Hook, Yateley and Aldershot. 

The team collect people's unwanted computers or laptops and refurbish them so they can be used by charities, preschools and families in need.

The project launched last year to try and stop usable computers from going to waste.

Eagle Radio spoke to Graham Drayton Lions IT Refurbishment Team, he explained when the schools closed because of coronavirus they knew the project was even more important: 

"We normally do around three computers a week, we're now up to about 30 a week.

"When the shutdown was announced we made a decision to go to all the schools in the area and say no child should be disadvantaged by not having a computer at home.

"Some homes do already have a computer but with their parents working at home, the child can't get on one.

"There are kids trying to school work on their mum's phone, and that's ridiulous.

"If a school says a child needs a computer we will supply one." 

The Lions Club is asking for people or businesses to donate their unwanted computers so they can help children do their school work from home. 

"We have got quite a bit of a waiting list now.

"And I hate to say it it's getting bigger rather than smaller.

"Even when the children go back to school I think there will still be home learning going on." 

Each computer is thoroughly cleaned and the hard drive wiped before it is upgraded to the latest software, tested and then given to its new owners, all while adhering to the current social distancing guidelines. 

Graham says they have had great feedback from families and schools on the project: 

"We've had lovely emails sent to us.

"Sometimes it's actually phenomenal, I will get headteachers crying down the phone becasuse we've solved a problem for them, they didn't know we were out there and able to do this.

"We're happy to do it but we need more." 

If you would like to donate an unwanted computer or laptop email it@fleetlions.org.uk