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Surrey Police reassure victims of domestic abuse they are not alone during lockdown

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Surrey Police reassure victims of domestic abuse they are not alone during lockdown

Published by Grace Mcgachy at 7:38am 3rd April 2020. (Updated at 9:19am 3rd April 2020)

Surrey Police say that even though we are in lockdown they are still there to support those who suffer from domestic abuse. 

The new social distancing rules mean that for many victims they are spending even more time with their abusers. 

Charities say the coronavirus outbreak will lead to increased domestic violence.

Last year thousands of incidents were reported in Surrey.

The latest Home Office data shows Surrey Police recorded 4,984 domestic abuse-related incidents in 2018-19.

Eagle Radio spoke to Detective Superintendent Sailesh Limbachia who told us they take reports of domestic abuse very seriously: 

"Families are spending more time together they will have disagreements and sometimes that can lead to abuse.

"We do not want survivors to suffer in silence.

"We are still open for business, we will deal with any reports that come to us." 

He also said if we hear any noise or sounds that sound concerning, coming from a neighbour's home, we should contact police:

Detective Superintendent Limbachia says during these difficult times we all have a duty to look out for one another and trust our instincts: 

"We would not want anybody to suffer because a report didn't come through to the police.

"I would really encourage people to make sure that if you hear anything, any banging, shouting, screaming please get in contact with us." 

Surrey Police work alongside a number of charities and services to make sure victims of domestic violence get the help and support they need. 

The force also understands that with the new lockdown measures it may be harder than ever for victims to call the police as their abuser may be with them. 

If you dial 999 but cannot speak, the call handler will ask you questions you can respond to by tapping your phone or coughing.

If prompted, you can press 55 which informs the police that this is a genuine emergency. 

How to report domestic abuse

  • If you're a victim of domestic abuse and you feel your life is in danger call 999 
  • In non-emergency cases and for general advice call 101
  • If you feel you cannot phone the police you can report domestic abuse online as well.