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Local businesses team up to feed Royal Surrey Hospital staff during coronavirus outbreak

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Local businesses team up to feed Royal Surrey Hospital staff during coronavirus outbreak

Published by Grace Mcgachy at 1:36pm 30th March 2020.

A new initiative wants to make sure none of the staff at the Royal Surrey Hospital goes hungry while they battle the coronavirus outbreak. 

The Surrey Event Professionals have partnered up with multiple local caterers and Delivered Social to create Surrey Drive. 

They will be providing freshly made hot meals to the hardworking NHS staff over the next few weeks. 

In their first week of operation, Surrey Drive will be able to provide 1,200 meals to staff, 

Speaking on Eagle Radio's Breakfast Show this morning (30 March) Hannah Sheppard explained why the initiative was set up:

"We all sat down and watched the news unfold over the last few weeks and seeing the pleas from some of the NHS staff over lack of produce on the shelves [in supermarkets].

"Being the events professionals that we are we felt we could step in and help with a number of caterers.

"Over the course of a couple of hours we managed to assemble a group of experts who between us all who could deliver a huge volume of meals." 

The caterers cook, label and chill the meals in bulk and then deliver them to a set collection point at the Royal Surrey Hospital where staff can then grab the food to eat on their break or to take home after a busy shift.

Hannah told Eagle Radio they want to continue making meals for as long as they're needed: 

"We've got your lasagnes, your sausage and mash, sweet potato and lentil curry.

"The caterers are working around the clock to ensure that we can keep this up not just this week, not just next week but for as long as its needed." 

Caterers involved in preparing the NHS meals include

  • Pesto Food
  • Barbecue Chefs
  • Hilly's, Two Many Cooks
  • Keeley's Kitchen
  • Lavender Catering

In order to keep providing meals, Surrey Drive needs the support of the local community. 

They' have set up an online fundraiser where people can donate money, which will pay for the ingredients to make the meals and so far they have raised over £1,500. 

Surrey Drive is being supported by Delivered Social who will be providing updates to those who have donated. 

You can donate here.