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South West Surrey MP urges social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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South West Surrey MP urges social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Published by Carol Musgrave at 3:30pm 23rd March 2020.

As the prime minister faces growing calls for more action following concerns that social distancing is not being followed, a Surrey MP and former Health Secretary urges his constituents to "play their part" in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Jeremy Hunt, MP for South West Surrey and chair of the government's Health and Social Care Select Committee, told Eagle Radio today that stronger measures might be required if the public do not heed calls over the risks of the virus.

His comments come after a weekend which saw people up and down the country flocking to parks and woodlands, with the government warning of the possibility of further steps if people continue to ignore social distancing rules.

He said since the start of the outbreak, with one of the earliest cases in Haslemere, the government had taken "decisive action," which he described as "some of the toughest measures introduced ever in peace time to try and limit the spread of the disease..."

Mr Hunt, who is working from home in London while his family are in Surrey, said the public needs to play its part in helping fight the pandemic:

"We may have to go further. If we do I'll support the government.

"This is a disease which, if unchecked, would take half a million lives.

"We have to get it right down if we possibly can, but that means all of us playing our part."

He also issued a stark warning to young people about congregating in groups when they should be keeping their distance:

"You may think you are relatively safe from COVID-19.

"Let me say this: There are young people now in intensive care in our country fighting for their lives.

"You are not immune, and you put pass on the virus to someone weaker than you who could die as a result."

He said "the best single thing we can do" is behave responsibly - and that if we do that "we can deal with this nightmare and we can come through the other side as we have done so many times when we have faced challenges in our history."

Mr Hunt also praised the efforts of people in South West Surrey for their "tremendous community spirit" as charities, churches and organisations complement the "brilliant work being done by local authorities to make sure that no-one is left on their own feeling isolated."