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Guildford's Royal Surrey restricts visitors during coronavirus outbreak

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Guildford's Royal Surrey restricts visitors during coronavirus outbreak

Published by Carol Musgrave at 1:42pm 17th March 2020. (Updated at 5:12am 18th March 2020)

New measures have been introduced at Guildford's Royal Surrey Hospital limiting visitors during the coronavirus outbreak.

Patients and families are being asked to choose one person who will be able to visit and be the designated point of contact.

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust says it is to protect patients and staff while also reducing risk to visitors and the public. 

Jacqui Tingle, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at the Trust, said patients wellbeing and safety was at the forefront of the move:

"We are committed to providing the best care possible to our patients, including prioritising their safety and wellbeing. As such, we are restricting the number of visitors in light of the risks faced by the coronavirus outbreak.

"If a member of your family is staying on our wards, we ask that you identify one designated person only to visit consistently on behalf of the family.

"They should also be the sole point of contact with the ward and act as a messenger updating friends and family. By using this ‘family tree’ approach you minimise the disruption to clinical and nursing staff who can spend more time caring for patients.

"This approach will also reduce the risk to visitors and broader exposure to the general public".

Other guidance for maternity care and parents of children is being put in place, but the Trust says children should not be visiting.

It said staff would work with visitors in exceptional circumstances such as end of life care.

It is encouraging patients and visitors to use the free hospital Wi-Fi to keep in touch via talk or video calls.