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Hamster reunited with three-year-old owner in Farnborough

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Hamster reunited with three-year-old owner in Farnborough

Published by Lettie Buxton at 6:08am 17th March 2020.

A three-year-old boy from Farnborough has been reunited with his pet hamster, Denny.

Kaiden McGuinness' mum, Stacie Redman, recognised Denny in a photo on Eagle Radio's Facebook page.

The RSPCA appealed for his owner, after the lost hamster crawled under the door of a stranger's bathroom.

Stacie said her partner noticed Denny was missing in the middle of the night:

"We're not sure how he actually got out of our flat and into another flat!

"We searched the flat and couldn't find him so we were worrying and then it wasn't until we saw the post on Sunday and realised he was with the RSPCA.

"Kaiden was like 'my hamster, my hamster', bless him.

"He was trying to look for him at the same time as well."

She is now trying to track down the person whose flat Denny was found in to personally thank them - as she has a "really happy little boy now".