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"We were so close to losing her"

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"We were so close to losing her"

Published by Grace Mcgachy at 6:00am 7th March 2020. (Updated at 8:51am 7th March 2020)

An Aldershot mum tells us the heartbreaking story of how her newborn baby girl had to fight to survive - after she was born weighing less than two pounds.

Katie describes the trauma she and her partner Beccy went through - when Amelia and twin brother Max were delivered by emergency caesarean section at 31 weeks.

The twins were in neonatal care for several weeks afterwards.

aldershot mum climbing ben nevis for twins trust

Katie said her pregnancy was fairly uneventful until 20 weeks – but the latter stages and birth were hugely traumatic for her and wife Beccy: 

"We found out the girl twin wasn't growing as much as she should be.

"Then at the 28 week scan it was clear she hadn't grown hardly at all and they were worried about her.

"Because they were twins the doctors said they had to keep them both in to give the boy twin the best chance of survival."

A c-section was booked at St Peter’s which has specialist neonatal cots for babies under 800g but events took a different turn when Katie felt reduced movements.

On arrival for her pre-op a specialist at Frimley Park scanned Katie and said the twins would have to be delivered immediately.:

“Max was born first, weighing 5lbs and poor Amelia, who was hidden under my rib, was just 1lb 7oz.

"If we’d waited just a few more hours, Amelia would not have been here.

"We were so close to losing her and that has taken a long time for both Beccy and I to come to terms with.”

Max spent four weeks in neonatal care and Amelia seven weeks.

Katie said it was difficult to home without them:

"I was discharged after four days and just the walk down the corridor just got longer and longer, leaving your baby is just not a natural thing to do.

“We were allowed to take Amelia home on Christmas Eve which was the best Christmas present ever." 

Amelia and Max are now happy and energetic at two years old. 

Katie is taking on a challenge to raise funds for a charity supporting families with multiple siblings.

She will be climbing the UK’s highest mountain Ben Nevis in ‘Big Steps for Small Feet’ in June for Aldershot-based national charity Twins Trust. 

You can donate here.