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Disabled children’s charity says end to RideLondon in Surrey would mean “big dent” to funding

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Disabled children’s charity says end to RideLondon in Surrey would mean “big dent” to funding

Published by the Eagle Radio News Team at 6:00am 12th January 2020.

A Surrey disabled children's charity says an end to the RideLondon-Surrey in the county would have a big impact on their funding.

Cherry Trees, based in East Clandon near Guildford, are one of several good causes to benefit from the event.

A consultation is currently underway over the future of the race in the county beyond 2020, with those opposed to the event unhappy about the amount of disruption it creates.

Since 2015 over 50 riders have taken part in the RideLondon-Surrey for Cherry Trees, raising more than £50,000.

Anna Reid from the charity explains the impact that money makes:

“To some that might not sound like a lot of money spread over four years, but actually for our charity this equates to a lot of things.

“It could pay for the equivalent of hiring two care workers and training them, it equates to 200 children’s entertainment visits or if you want to put it another way – 16,000 roast dinners.

“That money that those people are raising for us by getting on their bikes and doing that horrific 100 miles – up hill in lots of it – really makes a difference to us and to lose that money it would make a big dent in our fundraising targets.”

She added the race is worth running – despite the its logistical challenges:

“We have the same problem; the road is used right outside our building for the race day.

“Our own staff have to plan their own shifts differently because our services continue on that day – we take the kids in and care for them – so we feel your pain.

“For one day, if we could remember the good that it does we would be so grateful.”

Find a link to the consultation here.