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Investigation into criminal damage in historic Farnham park

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Investigation into criminal damage in historic Farnham park

Published by Carol Musgrave at 11:34am 8th November 2019. (Updated at 12:06pm 8th November 2019)

A criminal investigation is underway following reports of drug taking, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage in an historic Farnham park.

Surrey Police say they have CCTV of the culprits in Victoria Garden in the town centre.

In a post on Waverley Beat's Facebook page, they say "pointless and mindless members of our community" should stay away from the park.

The spate of incidents reported include:

  • A noticeboard being damaged on September 1
  • Further damage to a noticeboard between October 18 and 19.
  • A plant frame being pulled up and broken, and roof tiles removed and thrown off a shed.

Police say anti-social behaviour in Victoria Garden, particularly involving young people, "has been an ongoing issue this year."

The post also says:

"We would ask (and in due course will be formally asking) those responsible...why?

"You are letting down the community, your families and yourselves. Victoria Garden is for everyone to enjoy, it is not a meeting place for the mindless to cause damage and take drugs!"

It goes on to say:

"To those responsible, you should be ashamed of yourselves (if basic courtesy and respect eludes you, stay away)."

And it alludes to Remembrance Day:

"It is somewhat ironic that during a week when we remember the courage and sacrifice of previous younger generations, a tiny element of the current young generation chooses to represent itself in such a disgraceful way."