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The best and worst primary schools in Surrey and Hampshire

Schools were ranked on reading, writing and mathematics.

It's been revealed which are the best and worst primary schools in Surrey and Hampshire.

Schools were awarded scores reflecting their pupils’ progress between KS1 and KS2 exams in three key subjects, taken at the ages of seven and 11.

In Surrey, Dorking's St John's Church of England Primary School came out on top, just ahead of South Farnham School which was ranked second best.

Highfield South Farnham School, Broadmere Primary Academy (Woking) and The Raleigh School (West Horsely) were also among the best schools in the county, placing within the top ten.

Crawley Ridge Junior School in Camberley was ranked 208th, making it the worst school for progress in Surrey, The Dawnay School (Great Bookham) and Walsh CofE Junior School (Ash) were also among the lowest five scoring schools.

In Hampshire Alderwood School's infant site in Aldershot was the only school in our area to place in the top ten, with scores of 4.9, 1.5 and 3.6 in reading, writing and maths respectively.

Meanwhile Woodlea Primary School in Bordon was the fifth worst in Hampshire - ranked 304th, with score of -5.3, -4.6 and -5.6

If your school does not appear in the list below you can find out how it did here.

The top 10 schools in Surrey, according to their progress scores, were:

1) St John's Church of England Primary School (6.4 in reading, 2.8 in writing and 6.3 in mathematics)
2) South Farnham School (reading: 4.1, writing: 4.2, maths: 5.7)
3) Cranmere Primary School (reading: 5.3, writing: 3.3, maths: 4.9)
=4) Manorfield Primary and Nursery School (reading: 5.5, writing: 3.4, maths: 4.5)
=4) Highfield South Farnham School (reading: 4.9, writing: 3.2, maths: 5.3)
6) Town Farm Primary School & Nursery (reading: 3.9, writing: 1.8, maths: 5.7)
=7) St Alban's Catholic Primary School (reading: 4.5, writing: 1.1, maths: 5.2)
=7) Pyrcroft Grange Primary School (reading: 4.8, writing: 1.4, maths: 4.6)
9) Broadmere Primary Academy (reading: 2.7, writing: 4.2, maths: 3.2)
10) The Raleigh School (reading: 3.5, writing: 1.3 and maths: 4.4)

The worst five schools in Surrey, according to their average progress scores, were:

213) Shawley Community Primary School (-5.0 in reading, -4.6 in writing and -3.4 in mathematics)
=211) Walsh CofE Junior School (reading: -3.4, writing: -5.3, maths: -4.1)
=211) Holland Junior School (reading: -3.2, writing: -4.0, maths: -5.6)
210) The Dawnay School (reading: -4.4, writing: -4.6, maths: -3.6)
=208) West Ashtead Primary School (reading: -3.3, writing: -4.6, maths: -3.5)
=208) Crawley Ridge Junior School (reading: -4.4, writing: -3.2 and maths: -3.8)