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£5 for a house in Surrey?

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£5 for a house in Surrey?

Published by the Eagle Radio News Team at 6:00am 2nd February 2018. (Updated at 1:22pm 2nd February 2018)

A man from Chertsey has chosen an unconventional way to sell his house- by raffling it.

Allan Hayle's three bedroom detached bungalow has an estimated value of £700,000 but raffle tickets are on sale for £5.

He is hoping that by raffling it, rather than selling it in the more conventional way, he will be able to raise more money  to help him achieve his dream of setting up a sanctuary for unwanted animals. 

Allan wants to buy land and rescue animals that are sent to slaughter, old race horses, and chickens, hens and dogs. He needs £2.5 million to build it, which he has wanted to do since his wife became ill a few years ago. 

Speaking to Eagle he said: "We spoke about it for many, many years and unfortunately three years ago my wife became seriously ill and our dynamics changed slightly.

"Thankfully now she is on the mend but it makes you re-evaluate things and what's important. So I said look, lets just go for it, lets do it."

The prize is the whole bungalow which also has a separate studio equipped with a WC and hot and cold water.

Allan said he is redecorating the house and fitting it out with a new kitchen and bathroom for the new owner.

Allan Hayle Win my Surrey Home

The studio also comes with electric points and a TV aerial point 

Some of the proceeds will be donated to the charity Dots on the Street, which cares for the pets of homeless people.

Allan needs to sell a maximum of 500,000 tickets to raise the money.  

On his website he explains what happens if the target number of entries is not reached: "If the amount of entries fails to reach the minimum number of entries required, then a cash prize will be given to the winner. This will be the total amount of entries minus 30% administration charges and minus a £10,000 charity donation. The remaining will be the 'Prize Fund.'"