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Guildford College Exam Tips: Parents Guide To Exam Results

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Guildford College Exam Tips: Parents Guide To Exam Results

Published at 2:47pm 9th August 2019.

Waiting for exam results can be an anxious time for young people as they may feel that so much is at stake depending on their exam results. As a parent, what can you do to help them through this stressful period?

Waiting for exam results

  •  Have a conversation with your son or daughter to find out what their expectations are, and give them the reassurance that whatever the results, you are proud of them and will be encouraging them in the future to achieve their goals.
  •  If your child is applying for University, equip yourself with information about how to use the clearing system for UCAS (the admissions system for university) as there may be a lot of competition for places.
  • If your child is hoping to go to college or sixth form, make sure you know who to call and have numbers to hand in case the grades are not quite what you were expecting. It is still worth having a conversation to see if the grades are close enough to get onto the course or at a slightly lower level.
  • Your child may be interested in apprenticeships, in which case, find out as much information as you can so you can give them the best support.
  • If your child is feeling really anxious or stressed out waiting for the exam results, keep the conversation flowing as best you can. Maybe you can suggest relaxation techniques such as exercise or meditation to help them feel calmer. It may do them good to go out and see their friends and enjoy themselves. This will be a good distraction for them.  
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What to do if your child's exam results aren’t what you were expecting

  • If your child is happy to show you their results statement, you might find it helpful to have a look, just in case they have misread or misunderstood, or overlooked something.
  • Accept their feelings, whatever they are – disappointment, anger, embarrassment, bravado. Their feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are. Don’t offer immediate judgment, or solutions, or even reassurance – there will be plenty of time for conversations later.
  • Reflect back how they are feeling to show you have understood, for example, “I can see you’re disappointed with the Maths result.”
  • Let them know you love them through highs and lows. Big hugs are good (although probably very embarrassing in public).
  • Give yourself some breathing space and time to reflect. 
  • If your child is disappointed with their results, they might also be embarrassed.  Agree with your child how they want their results discussed with family and friends, if at all.

Planning next steps with your child

Know who to call at the school for advice or support. If your child had a place at college conditional on results, have a contact number - you can often negotiate on a lower grade. And know how to get in touch with UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service) to find a place at another university if the first one falls through.

If it’s Maths or English that has slipped a grade, speak to the school or College, as they may be able to repeat these subjects alongside their A Levels or vocational course and retake the exams next summer.

Put things into perspective. Everyone loses out at some time or other and failing an exam isn’t the end of the world. They can re-sit, using what they have learned this time round to do better or decide to go a different route next time. What is important is for you to look for positive ways forward, to consider all the options available and to be behind them 100%. 

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Advice and Guidance Sessions at Guildford College

If you child is now undecided about their future, or their exam results have turned out differently to how you'd expected (for better or worse, it does happen!), it's not too late to come and speak to Guildford College about your future.

Our Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) sessions make joining us this September easy!

You can drop in for advice and guidance throughout August and September, speak to tutors and advisors about the options available for you at college, have an interview for your preferred course, and complete your enrolment – all in one day. After visiting us, you will be ready to start your study programme or apprenticeship this September!