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8 Gadgets That Could Save You Energy and Money

Smart Meters

Published at 2:42pm 28th February 2019.

As it is Eagle Radio's Green Month this March we've put together a list of must-have gadgets to help you save money and to do your bit to look after our planet.

1. Smart Meters

A smart meter is the next generation of a gas and electricity meter. They're being installed by energy suppliers in every home in England, Scotland and Wales. Smart meters come with an in-home display screen that shows you exactly how much energy you're using in pounds and pence, in near real time and will bring an end to estimated bills.

There is no extra cost for a smart meter or for the in-home display. You won’t have an extra charge on your bill because you choose to have a smart meter. The costs will be spread across everyone’s bills, just like the cost of running and maintaining today’s traditional meters.

How Does A Smart Meter Work?


2. Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Inefficient light bulbs continue to be phased out across the EU, helping people to save money and the environment.
Traditional incandescent and the least efficient halogen light bulbs are being taken off the market in favour of energy efficient alternatives.

You may have bought a low energy light bulb at some point and been disappointed with its brightness or light colour.

Typically we are used to looking at Watts to determine how bright a bulb will be. Watts measures power consumption not brightness. Low energy bulbs use fewer Watts than traditional bulbs so you cannot look at Watts to gauge brightness of a low energy bulb.

Instead, you have to look for a bulb’s lumen output.


3. Energy Saving Kettles

You could splash out on a brand new energy saving kettle, but there are some simple ways you can be more energy efficient with your tea making now.

  • Prewarm the teapot sparingly, and reuse the water
  • Use the hot water right away
  • Look for insulated energy saving kettles
  • Save the extra hot water
  • Use an electric kettle, not a stovetop kettle
  • Make one pot of tea and keep it hot
  • Don’t boil if you don’t need to


4. Energenie Five Outlet Standby By Saving Trailing Socket for AVs

The automatic standby shutdown reduces the energy wasted by leaving your home entertainment system in standby. It will automatically cut the power to your appliances by recognizing when they are in standby. This will reduce your energy use and save you money. There is also one permanently “on” socket for appliances that require continuous power. 


5. Eco Shower Heads

A quick shower is usually more water efficient than bathing, but some high-volume power showers use more water in under five minutes than a bath would. The shower head controls the flow and spray pattern of the water. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, and the design can directly affect water consumption.


6. Mobile Phone Solar Chargers

Portable solar chargers combine electric cable charging with solar charging, enabling the power bank get full recharge to charge your phones, especially when you are in outdoor for emergency.


7. Nest Smart Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat does. Since 2011, it’s saved over 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide, because it learns from you. It gets to know the temperature you like when you’re at home. And turns itself down when you’re away. It even learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy it needs.


8. Energy Saving Heat Reflector Radiator Foil Insulation

Save money on your heating bills with the high-performance foil insulation. SuperFOIL radiator insulation foil will reflect 95% of heat back into your room, allowing you to turn your heating down and save money on your bills.

SuperFOIL RadPack insulation fits all radiators & there’s no need for your radiator to be removed! They've included self-adhesive pads, so simply cut the insulation foil to size & stick to the wall behind your radiator.


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