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Find out more about the BMW 3 Series Saloon here

10 Tips To Cut Down On Waste From Chambers Recycling.

Chambers  Tips

Published at 11:16am 27th February 2019. (Updated at 1:54pm 28th February 2019)

Throughout the month of March, Eagle Radio has teamed up with Guildford's Chambers Recycling to show you how to make a difference and get your family to go greener. 


Who are Chambers Recycling?

We are one of the South East’s largest privately-owned recycling and quarrying companies. The business was established in 1969 by current chairman and managing director, Peter Chambers and provides services across Surrey and the surrounding areas of Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and Middlesex. It offers an integrated recycling, waste management and aggregates, servicing a wide range of commercial and domestic customers from its specialist plants in Guildford, Aldershot and Farnham.

  • Did you know that we UK householders produce a whopping 22 million tonnes of waste on average each year, but less than half - 45.2% - was recycled in 2017?
  • Or that, since the 1950s, around 8.3bn tonnes of plastic have been produced worldwide but only 9% has ever been recycled?

So what happens to the domestic waste that isn’t recycled? Much of it gets burned or ends up in landfill. If these methods are unregulated, they can both pose risks to our health due to the release of harmful particles and toxins which in turn contribute to climate change and associated extreme weather events.

In addition, as we all know, up to 12 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s ocean’s each year, destroying precious marine life. The government reports that one million birds, and over 100,000 sea mammals and turtles die every year from digesting or being entangled in plastic waste.

We at Chambers love our planet and want to protect it for many generations to come. That’s why we strive for a ‘nil to landfill’ solution for all the waste we handle for our household and business customers – be it plastic, paper, card, wood, metal, cabling, plasterboard or concrete, with no more than 2% going to landfill sites. Materials recovered to generate electricity are sent to one of the country’s top performing energy-from-waste plants, with any fumes released non-toxic.

Chambers Recycling


What Do Chambers Recycling Do?

Our services include:

Domestic Skip hire: You can dispose of just about any item in our skips - a box of old toys, unwanted furniture, building waste, or leaves and cuttings from the garden. For domestic projects, we recommend one of our small or medium skips, which are 4 and 6 cubic yards respectively.

If your project involves removing plasterboard, you need to hire a dedicated container such as one of our one-tonne Dumpy bags.

You can book a skip on our website, Facebook page or by giving us a call on 01483 504 595. We will deliver it at a time and place of your choice, with same day and next day delivery if required, and pick it back up when it suits. 

Chambers Recycling

Commercial waste and recycling collections: We provide business of all sizes with a complete,  legally compliant daily collection service. Better still, our innovative pay by weight system means customers need only pay for the amount of waste and recycling we take away.

All our containers are of the highest quality, as is our entire fleet of low emissions vehicles. Find out more by emailing enquiries@chambers-group.co.uk or calling us on 01483 504 595  


10 Tips To Cut Down On Household Waste


♻️ Carry reusable bags. Pop a tote in your handbag and keep some reusable bags in the boot for when you do the weekly shop!

♻️ Use rechargeable batteries.

♻️ Use reusable water bottles. Supermarkets have a wide selection in lots of different designs and colours!

♻️ Use a compost heap. You could even have a water butt to conserve rainwater for watering the plants too! 



♻️ Buy longer lasting items. For example, reusable coffee cups and reusable metal straws. 

♻️ Avoid buying anything 'disposable'. 

♻️ Opt out of junk mail. It'll save you time, and trees!

♻️ Plan meals. This avoids lots of convenience food packaging. 



♻️ Instead of buying presents, give something you've cooked or made. It's bound to go down a treat!

♻️ Use old clothing for cleaning rather than throwing it in the bin. You could also reuse old toothbrushes for cleaning bikes, fish tanks, watches, and the bathroom!


Remember: Reduce 🌳, Reuse 🐟 , Recycle 🌍 


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