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10 Mobile Apps Parents Should Definitely Know About

4 minute read
10 Mobile Apps Parents Should Definitely Know About

Published at 11:32am 9th April 2018. (Updated at 7:23am 5th February 2019)

Teenagers are notoriously always glued to their phone, but do you know what they are doing on there?

On Safer Internet Day, here are 10 apps that teenagers across Surrey and Hampshire use regularly and some of the dangers associated with them. If you're a parent, you need to know about these!

1. Calculator%

This app looks like a calculator but functions like a secret photo vault. It's hidden photos and videos behind a functional calculator with a built-in camera. It can also record 'intruder logins' with photo and GPS. In order to log in to this, you have to push ".", enter a 4 digit passcode and then push "." again. Very secretive!


2. Omegle

A free online chat website that promotes chatting anonymously with strangers. This can also be accessed via the web. This is one of many free apps that are exclusively there for you to talk with strangers, most are orientated around dating, 'adult chat' and 'meeting someone new'. 


3. Yellow/ Yubo

This app is designed to allow teens to flirt with each other like Tinder. It's advertised as "it's like being at a party and meeting cool people every 10 seconds!" Boasting over 15million users, the app allows you to create a profile, swipe users, make group chats and even post live video. 


4. Whisper

This is another anonymous app where the creators promote the sharing of secrets and meeting up with new people. They advertise their platform as the place to "express yourself openly and honestly" and to find out "what people around you really think!" Once you share your 'secrets', you can group chat, post live video and arrange to meet with anonymous strangers. They also describe themselves as "addictive."


5. Ask.fm

Ask is again anonymous. You post a question and get an answer. This app has been linked to the most severe forms of cyberbullying as the answers are all anonymous. The creators boast 215million users and is advertised as "the place where you find out about your friends and... learn about.. yourself".


6. Hot or Not

Strangers can rate your Hot or Not profile. Much like Tinder, the ultimate goal of this app is to arrange "hook-ups". It's advertised as a 'game' where users can find out who is in their area, chat with new people and find out where 'the coolest people are' and 'let them find you too'.


7. Burn Book

Burn Book allows you to post anonymous rumours about people through audio messages, texts and photos. have you seen the film Mean Girls, where they compile a book full of rumours about their classmates that leads to a school riot? It's like that but on your phone. The app allows you to 'selectively blur parts of photos to hide those not so flattering moments' and 'one-tap screenshot counter.' The app also has a voting system where users can vote whether what you post is interesting or not.  


8. Wishbone

Wishbone allows users to compare interests, music, fashion, TV shows and more against each other and rate them on a scale. However, you can also create your own comparisons, rate them and then see how your friends voted. This has seen users create polls that rate their friends, classmates, and people they know against each other. 


9. Kik

Kik is a messaging app. It has built-in apps and web content that would usually be filtered on the home computer. This is a way you can get around security settings and view content no one else can see that you have viewed. You can share pictures, videos, gifs and meet new people you don't know and chat with them. 


10. Instagram

Whilst lots of parents also use Instagram. Many kids are now creating fake accounts to hide content from their parents under new names and locations. You can also text using Instagram as the messages are automatically hidden and deleted once a user leaves the conversation.

If you're worried about how your child uses the internet, here is some cybersecurity information from Surrey Police.