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Find out more about the BMW 3 Series Saloon here

Best Peter Gordon Breakfast Show Moments Of 2017


Published at 2:28pm 11th December 2017. (Updated at 12:17pm 27th November 2018)

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back at some of our favourite Peter Gordon Breakfast Show moments across the year.


1. PG Loses His Fitbit In The Super Market

"I think it's fallen out in the potatoes"

PG, somehow, managed to lose his fit bit in the supermarket one weekend and then we had a call from Tracey in Guildford... 

2. The First Family Face Off

"Rollerblading in the kitchen?"

This year saw the first ever Family Face Off, a game for parents and their children to settle those family arguments once and for all! It was sticking to bedtime vs. rollerblading in the kitchen. 

3. Morning Matt's Problem With Hygge

Matt hasn't got the hang of saying 'hygge' let alone understanding what it is! Try and watch this without laughing, it's impossible.

4. Adam's Pyjama's In Public

'I think it's wrong, put some clothes on!'

Morning Matt, Adam and Bev discuss whether wearing Pyjamas in public is convenient or lazy.

5. Phantom Vibrations Syndrome

"You're so convinced it's vibrating, I get it all the time!"

The sensation that your phone is vibrating but it isn't... apparently 90% of us have experienced this!

6. Andy and Twixgate

"If I wanted a biscuit, it doesn't have chocolate on it"

Listener, Andy from Guildford got a bit flustered about whether a Twix was a chocolate bar or a biscuit. PG can't stop laughing!

7. Who's The Biggest Tosser? (eek!)

The annual pancake tossing on the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show.. could PG retain his crown this year?

8. Best Life Lessons You've Ever Learnt

"If it's there eat it!"

Morning Matt, Bev and PG discuss the best life lessons they've learnt including PG on procrastination and exams!

9. Adam and PG Do The Family Face Off

A very special addition of the Family Face Off where PG takes on his work son, Adam Morris!

10. Mark The Week LIVE

Ian from Hi-Speed Services Limited joined us in the studio to mark the Breakfast team's performance live on air.

11. Adam's Hot Tub Impression

...and one extra one for you. As it's so ridiculous! Adam has some questions about Claire from Yateley's new hot tub.


So, that's it... which was your favourite?

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