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55yr Old Wedding Ring Lost In Camberley Tesco

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55yr Old Wedding Ring Lost In Camberley Tesco

Published at 11:19am 30th June 2017. (Updated at 12:24pm 27th November 2018)

Maureen Washbrook lost her Gold wedding ring at The Meadows Shopping Centre in Camberley yesterday 29th June).

She was taken out by family members to The Meadows Tesco branch around 3PM and believes to have lost it inside the store.

We spoke to her daughter, Lynn Washbrook about what happened yesterday:

"She was diagnosed with terminal cancer in April, so the family has been trying to get her out and about. She has recently lost a lot of weight so the ring keeps slipping off her finger."

Maureen married her childhood sweetheart in 1962 and this year would have been their 55th wedding anniversary.

Lynn says "it would mean such a lot to her and the rest of the family" if the ring was found.

She also encouraged social media users to help spread the word.

"It really isn't worth very much. You might even think it looks like a piece of brass it's that old and very thin, but it means the absolute world to my Mum."

Hear what Lynn had to say about the ring: