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10 Things You'll Know If You Grew Up In Aldershot

2 minute read
10 Things You'll Know If You Grew Up In Aldershot

Published at 2:03pm 19th May 2017. (Updated at 12:25pm 27th November 2018)

1. You spent your time dancing at Cheeks Nightclub

If the sticky floors downstairs could let you, that is! 

cheeks nightclub aldershot - pete nash

2. Remember when McDonald's had its own security?

Has any other McDonalds' branch ever had their own bouncer? 😂

3. You always got your Fish and Chips from Bradshaws

Open since 1933, Bradshaws was the place to go for the best fish and chips in town.

With 55 years of cooking under his belt, 'master fryer' Charlie retired in May, we wish him good luck but where will we get our Friday night dinner now?

Bradshaws chip shop aldershot

4. You got your school clothes from Edgar Jerome

5. Swimming in Aldershot Lido

...and possibly after hours!

6. Choosing one of the 3 cinemas to visit

The Palace, Empire, Ritz!

7. The A331 being built

Did anyone else ride their bike on it before it officially opened? From North Camp to the Aldershot turn off.

8. Going to Aldershot Town games with the family

You're a Shots fan through and through!

9. Going to Tongham for the stock car racing

Every Thursday night!



10. Arthur English at St Joseph's

Remember when our most famous actor came to open the school Floodlights? 

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