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Top 5 Funniest Moments On The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show

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Top 5 Funniest Moments On The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show

Published at 3:59pm 11th February 2017. (Updated at 12:21pm 27th November 2018)

The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show has been Surrey and Hampshire's favourite wake up call for 20 years so it's no surprise there's been many hilarious moments.


We've picked our Top 5 favourites from the last couple of months. 


1. The Potty Training Poem

"I have tried to bribe her with raspberries!"

Breakfast Bev was potty training her daughter when her parents offered to help.  Live from the North East, they called in and treated us to an update in the form of a poem!


2. Morning Matt's Lucky Lego Farmer

"I can't believe I'm saying this.. but leave him in the suitcase so I don't lose him!"

Back in the summer, Adam and Morning Matt were asking what's the one thing you can't go away on holiday without.

Turns out Matt has a very strange lucky charm... a lego farmer.

The less said about Adam's choice of lucky charm the better...  😐


3. PG Loses His Fit Bit In The Supermarket

"I think it had fallen out in the potatoes!"

PG was spotted in a local supermarket rummaging through crates of vegetables.. we knew he was taking his new diet seriously but this seemed too far!

Turns out he hasn't gone insane, he had lost his Fit Bit.


After telling the traumatic tale on air, Tracey from Guildford called with some news... her son Blake had found it - at the weighing scales no less!


4. Mrs G's Jellyfish Sting

"Yours truly was fine, they probably steered clear due to the water displacement"

PG and his family went away on holiday, things didn't go exactly to plan... Poor Mrs G!


5. Watching 50 Shades With Your Mother In Law

"We didn't make eye contact for about 3 hours afterwards!"

Breakfast Bev has only been to the cinema 4 times in the last 5 years. One of those trips sounded particularly awkward!

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