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Coronavirus: Guildford Museum asks for people to share their stories

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Coronavirus: Guildford Museum asks for people to share their stories

Published at 3:12pm 10th June 2020.

Guildford Museum has launched a campaign to capture people's memories of the pandemic to create a record for future generations.

It is hoped it will help people to understand how and why our lives changed in 2020 as lockdown and social distancing took over.

They are collecting both digital (photos and video) and physical objects to reflect the voices and experiences of each of Guildford’s communities.

During the recovery the museum also aims to interview keyworkers including doctors, nurses, care home staff, and supermarket staff, as well as those who have experienced the virus as a patient or who cared for a relative.

They are looking for stories, photos and videos linked to these themes: 

  • home-schooling 
  • working from home 
  • keeping fit 
  • socialising online 
  • the view from your window during lockdown 
  • new skills and crafts learnt during lockdown
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Lead Councillor for Environment, Cllr James Steel said:

“Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed all our lives and it’s incredibly important that we grasp the opportunity to record this unique moment in time.

"As we start to see lockdown restrictions ease, let’s remember all the new skills we learnt in lockdown, the Zoom video calls with friends and family, our new essential walking and exercise routes and the fantastic community spirit that brought us all together. We would love to hear from you and can’t wait to read your stories and see your pictures.” 

If you are interested in donating anything then contact Collections Manager, Sarah Fairhurst via HeritageServices@guildford.gov.uk

The museum buildings remain closed and people are asked not to send anything by post or leave anything at the museum.