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'Appalling' amount of litter left in Guidlford's open spaces as lockdown eases

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'Appalling' amount of litter left in Guidlford's open spaces as lockdown eases

Published at 5:08pm 4th June 2020.

There has been a big increase in the amount of litter being left in Guildford's outdoor spaces. 

It is as people are allowed to spend unlimited time outside as lockdown eases. 

Leader of the Borough Council Caroline Reeves says the number of disposable barbecues, food packaging and beer bottles being left behind is 'appalling'. 

Guildford Litter Guildford Borough Council

In the last week, twice as much litter has been collected compared to an average week in the school summer holidays.

Those who visit Guilford's open spaces are asked to throw away their rubbish in the litter bins provided, or if they are full take it home and dispose of it there. 

Councillor Reeves says they are working hard to keep the bins emptied seven days a week but there is around three or four times the normal number of visitors.

Visitors should not take disposable barbecues into any of the town's green spaces as they can very quickly cause fires. 

Councillor Reeves said in a statement it is everyone's responsibility to keep Guildford's open spaces clean:   

"We are privileged to have such a beautiful borough– but we need you to play your part and help to keep it that way.

"Please follow the Countryside Code and take your rubbish home. 

We understand it’s felt like a long few months spent at home juggling personal and work lives within the restrictions.

"We know that with restrictions lifting, the chance to meet with friends and family is exciting and coupled with the fantastic weather it is brilliant we can make the very most of being outdoors.

"But in order to ensure our green spaces are clean and safe for everyone to enjoy, we need you to play your part and help."


Sarah Jane Chimbwandira, Chief Executive of the Surrey Wildlife Trust says in some areas the litter has been the worst they have ever seen: 

"‘We have real concerns about the exponential increase in antisocial behaviour, littering and disregard for the countryside.

"The government lockdown saw a recovery for our environment and wildlife, which some people have neglected by thoughtlessly littering.

"It is particularly concerning when we are recognising the benefits of nature to our wellbeing, which is not possible when sites are full of litter.

"The rise in ASB is really sad to see as our countryside is for groups of people to enjoy, not to make others feel intimidated.’