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Coronavirus: Are people in Surrey and Hampshire stockpiling?

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Coronavirus: Are people in Surrey and Hampshire stockpiling?

Published at 5:08pm 6th March 2020. (Updated at 7:47pm 6th March 2020)

Ministers insist key food supplies will not run out after reports of panic buying because of the coronavirus.

People have taken to social media claiming there are shops with empty shelves across Surrey and Hampshire with stores running low on toilet roll, antibacterial wipes and hand santisers.

The government has said it is working with supermarkets to ensure food supplies are kept up, as the number of people who self-isolate is expected to rise.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier he is confident people will still be able to get the essentials they need.

We asked shoppers in Guildford if they have been stockpiling.

One person told Eagle they find it unnecessary - but they understand why some people feel the need to bulk buy:

"I am not going out to buy something just because I think other people are panic buying.

"Everyone has their own degree of panic, but we are lucky that we are quite young and not vulnerable.

"I can see why people are stockpiling especially if they are concerned for their loved ones and not just for themselves."

Another shopper said she noticed hand sanitiser was completely out of stock in her local supermarket. 

Coronavirus stockpiling aldershot
Shelves of cleaning products are emptying.

One woman says while she is not panic buying she feels shopping may become increasingly difficult: 

"I'm not panic buying and as a family we are carrying on as normal.

"We are struggling to find essential items on shelves.

"I have not done my weekly shop yet so I might hit hurdles this weekend."

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