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General Election 2019 in Surrey and North East Hampshire as it happened

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General Election 2019 in Surrey and North East Hampshire as it happened

Published at 8:59pm 12th December 2019. (Updated at 7:30am 13th December 2019)

Counts have taken place across Surrey and North East Hampshire to find out who voters across our area have chosen as their Member of Parliament.


Who won in your area?

You can find all the results across the whole of Surrey and North East Hampshire on our full results page.


A big win for the Tories

Boris Johnson and his party have secured the 326 seats needed for a majority and the picture across the UK looks like it will be comfortable on.

Read more about it here.


The reaction from Guildford


Guildford CON HOLD

Angela Richardson has won in Guildford, keeping the seat for the conservatives.

It means Anne Milton, first elected in 2005, has lost it.


Two more to bring you...

More positive results for the Conservatives in Surrey, they hold both East Surrey and Reigate.


Declaration near in Guildford


And now the reaction:


Aldershot's result in numbers:


Aldershot CON HOLD


Work out

We're due some more declarations soon - it could start raining results any moment.

Don't. Go. Anywhere.


First result in our area

It's come in North East Hampshire and it's a Conservative hold as Ranil JayaWardena retains his seat.


A details man

Known in parliament as an MP who likes the nitty gritty of policy making, Conservative candidate Michael Gove made no delay in trying to gauge if he's going to be re-elected.



The latest from East Hampshire...


What's it like at a count?

To be truthful, it's like sitting next to someone who keeps shuffling their newspaper. Constantly. For hours.

If that sounds like your sort of thing, you can get in on the action and watch a live stream of the Woking count here. IT'S LIKE YOU'RE REALLY THERE.

Of course I'm currently watching this, at a count. It's Count-ception.

Anyway, the turnout in Woking was 72% - down 0.5% on 2017.


"Huge credit to Boris Johnson"

That's the view of Conservative candidate Leo Docherty in Aldershot who is putting the apparent strong showing by the Tories down to the PM's campaign.



Another historically strong Labour seat in Workington, Cumbria has been gained by the Conservatives. Could the exit poll be right all along?


One for addition fans


Stat attack

We're starting to get some indications of turnouts across Surrey and North East Hampshire.

Surrey Heath's turn out is 72.4% with 58,891 votes, that's up 0.8% from 71.6 in 2017 (when 57,822 votes were cast).

Epsom and Ewell was also in the seventies, 73.58%, but down from 74.1% last time.

In Aldershot the turnout is down on two years ago when it was 64.2% (48,995 votes).


Out for the count

Back to Surrey Heath now and this is the latest image from the count at the Camberley Theatre, the verification stage is almost complete and the candidate trays are lying in wait for the count proper.

Surrey Heath Count 2019

What are the big guns saying?

There's been plenty of time to digest the exit poll so here are the thoughts of the party leaders since it came out.

As far as Boris and Jeremy, not much in terms of reaction and there's been nothing from Jo Swinson's official account.

Here is the response from the SNP, Brexit and Greens:


"I never anticipate results"

After opposing Boris Johnson over Brexit Anne Milton had the whip removed (kicked out the party in normal speak), leaving her to stand as an independent - rather then as Conservative when she was elected in 2017.

As far as the polls suggest, she may well lose her seat tonight - but it could be a close run thing between the Tories and Lib Dems.


"A disaster for the Labour party tonight"

Even at this extremely early stage, the most optimistic of Labour supporters may be fearing the worst.


Are we nearly there yet?

Closer to home and in Farnborough we're nowhere near a result, here's why:


Like buses

Newcastle is swiftly followed by Geordie neighbours Sunderland - a Labour hold.

BUT IT'S ALL EYES ON BLYTH VALLEY - first blood to the Tories as they take the seat from Labour.


We've got one!

It's Newcastle and it's Labour. A majority of 12,278 sees Chi Onwurah become the first MP to take their seat in the commons following the General Election 2019.


A false start!

Talk of the first result nationally was perhaps premature as Blyth Valley is now going to a recount - suggesting it's very close in what has been a Labour stronghold.


A first result soon?

Away from our area it's thought we could get a declaration within the next few minutes.


The latest happenings in Hampshire

As at over the border in Surrey Heath the ballot boxes have turned up in Aldershot - the count is taking place at Farnborough Sixth Form College and, for the time being, verification is the order of the day.


Talking of counting...

That's exactly what's about to take place over the next few hours and we've got reporters on the ground to bring you the results as soon as they are ready.


So that's that then?

Well no, not quite. While the exit poll is a good indication and was fairly accurate in 2017 - it must be stressed it is only a prediction based on a sample of the population saying who they voted for.

The only way to know exactly what they did vote is by counting them.


What about elsewhere?

In Scotland the SNP are predicted to get 55 seats - that would be 20 more than last time out.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems are forecast 13, a gain of one on 2017.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who submitted his vote by postal ballot, will desperately be wanting the exit poll not to deliver its forecast of zero seats for his party.

For the Greens they look set for no change, keeping their one seat.


A bad night in store for Labour?

While it's good news for the Tories, for Labour the exit poll makes grim reading.

A loss of 71 seats is predicted - they'll be hoping the stats have got it wrong.


The Exit Poll is out!

And it's good news for the Conservatives - who are predicted to gain 50 seats on 2017 and have a majority of 86 seats in the commons.



Did you hear that? That was the sound of all the polling stations in our area closing their doors simultaneously.

Not really - if you're in a polling station or queuing outside by 10pm you can still cast a vote.

Anyway, now the exit poll...


We'll have it covered

That's right, whether you're staying up all night like us or off to bed soon - you will be able to find everything you need right here.

Eagle Radio will have reporters at several counts across Surrey and North East Hampshire and we will bring you every result live right here as they come in and the reaction to them.



As per usual there's been some very good dogs visiting polling stations this election day and you can see some of them here.

Dog at polling station

One hour to go...

Hello and welcome to Eagle Radio's election live blog - your one stop shop for everything you need to know about the General Election 2019 in Surrey and North East Hampshire.

There's now less than 60 minutes left until polling stations shut and ballot boxes will be taken to the various count locations across our area.