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Schools reopening to more students in Surrey and Hampshire today for "face-to-face" support.

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Schools reopening to more students in Surrey and Hampshire today for "face-to-face" support.

Published at 6:00am 15th June 2020.

More students will be heading back into the classroom from today (15 June) across Surrey and Hampshire to supplement their home learning.

It is for year groups 10 and 12, as they prepare to sit exams next summer.

But the Government has said home learning will still be their main form of education this term, with the in-school "face-to-face" support from teachers an added extra.

It says only a quarter of students in these year groups should be in school at any one time, including vulnerable children and children of critical workers.

Paul Hemmings, headteacher at Oakmoor School​ in Bordon, told Eagle Radio about the support they will be offering students:

"We're running lessons for students in the core subjects - English, Maths and Science.

"We've obviously had to adhere to the strict government guidelines where we're not allowed to mix up student groups.

"All the option subjects will continue fully at home and a lot of the core provision will still be at home because, of course, we're only allowed to have 25 per cent of the students in each day.

"So although there will be face-to-face core provision, it will be supplemented with a lot of home learning as well.

"The overwhelming majority of our students have really engaged incredibly well with their home learning over the last 12 weeks.

"But, absolutely nothing can replace the rich learning experiences that being at school provides, especially for the Year 10 students who will be doing their GCSE exams next year."