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Bordon Fire Station charity car wash for Australian firefighters

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Bordon Fire Station charity car wash for Australian firefighters

Published at 1:24pm 24th January 2020. (Updated at 3:28pm 24th January 2020)

Bordon Fire Station is holding a charity car wash to raise money for firefighters in Australia.

It comes in the wake of widespread wildfires which have devastated parts of the country, leaving more than 30 people and around a billion animals dead.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service firefighters from Bordon have decided they want to donate to the cause, and are encouraging the public to bring their cars to the station where they can be washed for a donation.

Spokesperson Dan Todd, from the station, told Eagle it is a cause especially close to his heart - and not just because he is a firefighter:

"We can't even begin to imagine the stresses they're going through at the moment, hence why we want to raise some money for the families affected by this.

"I actually lived in Australia a few years back, and was there when a bush fire broke out near my home.

"I fortunately didn't lose my property but I know others that did."

He said it was an "absolutely terrifying" experience:

"It was a fire that was a considerable distance from us...we were approximately three miles away and then within 30 minutes the fire was right on our doorstep.

"It was thanks to the people who fought the fires relentlessly for four hours, that they were able to save our house."

He said most people fighting the bush fires are volunteers:

"They're not getting paid for this, they're working long hours, not eating, not sleeping, for long periods of time, so it will take its toll emotionally and physically.

"There is support in place here at Hampshire Fire and Rescue if we ever experience such things, there are practitioners on board to help us.

"I hope the firefighters in Australia have the same level of care as well.

"That's the reason we are doing the car wash - so we can raise a bit of money and hopefully help to make a difference."

Bordon Fire car wash
Hampshire and Fire Rescue Service firefighter Dan Todd

The car wash is from 10am to 4pm on Saturday (January 25) at the fire station in Conde Way.

As well as getting your car cleaned, children will also be able to have a look around the station and get to sit on the engines, and get to try on some fire kit.

There will also be refreshments on site.

You can find out more on their Facebook page and on Twitter.

Other local initiatives are helping raise funds to help in the aftermath of the fires.

They include the Guildford branch of Lions Club International Foundation which has a Just Giving page, and a fundraiser by a local woman who has made Koala Bear keyrings for sale, with all proceeds going to the cause.