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Bordon school left devastated after fire destroys playhouse

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Bordon school left devastated after fire destroys playhouse

Published at 1:39pm 13th January 2020. (Updated at 5:21pm 13th January 2020)

A school in Bordon has been left devastated after a fire destroyed an outdoor playhouse over the weekend.

Firefighters were called to Woodlea Primary in Atholl Road on Saturday, after locals reported flames coming from the property.

The wooden playhouse used by children in Early Years and nearby fencing had been burnt to the ground - which Hampshire Police are treating as criminal damage.

Headteacher Jo Mumford told Eagle fire services managed to stop flames spreading to a nearby large shed housing resources.

But she said it has been an upsetting experience:

"It was very sad to see.

"We were relieved that thankfully the fire services prevented it (the fire) from going any further, but it's always said to see such damage."

She told us this morning staff found play equipment in the woodland garden nearby trashed - although she is not sure if this is connected to the blaze.

Woodlea Primary School Damage

She said she has been overwhelmed at how the community has rallied round to help:

"Parents have already got a group together to come and tidy the area, and make it safe down in the woodlands.

"And once we know we can start to clear the area that was burnt, then we've got people who have kindly volunteered their help with fencing, we've had two locals offer playhouses to replace the one we've lost which is absolutely wonderful.

"As soon as we can start to rebuild it, we have got the help and support of everyone at school and the local community, and that has been absolutely amazing."

Miss Mumford said it had been distressing for the children - but they have been told their play area will be reinstated:

"They were very sad this morning, some of them had heard it on the news and then they saw it this morning.

"But we made sure they know we will rebuild it - they will have their playground back - and we will overcome this and move on!"

A fundraiser has been set up by parents to help with the damage.