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Find out more about Mataz music here!
Find out more about Mataz music here!

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Lucinda Horsley

Lucinda Horsley


Lucinda joined Eagle Radio in March 2016 after completing a BA in Radio at Bournemouth University and then an MA in Broadcast Journalism at City University London. Before starting her role, she worked as a freelance broadcast journalist for a range of radio groups in the South.

What makes you smile?

A sunny day skiing in the mountains. 

What gets you on the dance floor?

The right amount of a certain liquid. 

Best celebrity you’ve met?

Ed Sheeran. 

Claim to fame?

I have made tea for The Killers and Muse! 

Favourite thing to do in Surrey and Hampshire

Making it from Junction 6 - 10 on the M25 without any traffic!

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