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Previous Winners - Local Heroes 2016


The Winners in 2017

Charity Award:  Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed is a charity that practically supports young people and families with autism. They know that the diagnosis not only affects the individual but the family unit as a whole. Sarah and Francis, the charity founders recognised a need in their local church to help families engage with the service and ever since the pair have been helping an average of 70 families each year. 


Inspiration in Business Award: Nick Wyschna

Guildfor Fringe's Nick and his business partner Charlotte, have been passionate about bringing affordable theatre and the arts to the Guildford area for 5 years. The business has many strands that give back to the community, from the month-long festival to providing a platform for new writers and talent. 

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Young Person Award: Erin Mitchell

Erin has been fundraising for Aldershot homeless charity, Step by Step for the past 5 years by sleeping rough with her family in the charity's Sleep Out event. She first took part in the event at the age of 7. Erin first became aware of homelessness after buying some food for a man in Manchester with her mother and ever since she has helped spread the word.

Music and the Arts Award: Emily Bollon

Ex-University of Surrey Student Union President, Emily has been motivating people in the community with her music, singing lessons and gospel choirs. She boosts the confidence of beginners and nonsingers. Her work stretches from corporate team building through to supporting sufferers and families with Parkinson's disease.

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Special Award: Team Freddie

Mark, Bonnie, Emma and Debbie have been the team behind fundraising for Yateley's Freddie Hunt as he battles a brain tumour at just 2 years old. The team have put on a huge range of events and have managed to raise a staggering £470,000 which funded successful treatment in America for Freddie. As Freddie continues to recover, the team haven't stopped and have brought the cause to national attention. 

Sports Award: Lucy Pygott and Stacey Burrows

Lucy and Stacey were two hugely promising athletic stars in our community tragically taken too soon. Lord Sebastian Coe joins us and their parents for a truly deserved celebration of their sporting achievements. 

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Volunteering Award: Sue Hathaway

30 years ago Sue Hathaway wanted to get her son Dale into Beavers, however, in Frimley Green and Mychett there wasn't a group available. Sue didn't let that stop her and so she went on to create the Wind In The Willows group which has been a central part of the local community ever since. Sue has given many young lads the life skills to excel in their futures. She also works on behalf of the RSCPA and has visited Uganda to help build futures for the communities there.

Teaching Award: Faye Johnstone

Mrs Johnstone is a teacher at Guildford Grove School on the Park Barn Estate. She stands out as a teacher for her close relationships with her pupils and her determination to find creative ways of learning. She has gone out of her way to help student in particular face her anxiety. With her help, Jessica has gone on to perform in front of the whole school with a solo in a talent competition and is all set to start secondary school.

Neighbour Award: Claire Marshall

During her time as a special constable and beyond, Claire worked hard to build opportunity for young people on the Northborne Estate. She is the reason the community has a play park and a decline in anti-social behavior. She runs a youth Group as part of the Northbourne Action Group, helps at the Godalming Canoe Club and does all of this while suffering from Fibromyalgia. 


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Military and Emergency Services Award: Roy Sellstrom

Roy and his Wife Deborah set up the Surrey Heath Listening Project to help those recovering of PTSD in the community because there wasn't a service available. Roy himself knows first hand how difficult PTSD can be, and is determined to provide a place of support, care and direction for fellow sufferers. He has helped many feel like they are being listened to and have a purpose in life again.

Lifetime Achievement Award: David Fishlock

David has worked at the University of Surrey for 30 years and is a familiar face to all students and academics alike. Alongside his work at the University he has worked for local Scout groups, the Fire Brigade and regularly heads to Kosovo with a van loaded full of donations. He dedicates his time to a local Samba group and the Royal Marsden Hospital. David was diagnosed with Cancer 6 years ago and still, manages to help everyone he can.

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Fundraiser Award: Charlie Norton

Four years ago, Charlie’s close friend Matt took his own life. After spending many hours at the skate park with Matt, 21 year old Charlie wanted to honour his friend’s memory in a way that would raise funds, but more importantly, awareness, so that others can be helped. Tappy Jam was born and now the annual skating event takes place at Farnborough skate park. As soon as one event finishes, Charlie begins working and planning towards the next one, which has resulted in huge growth and development. This year’s event saw over 200 people attend, and over £2000 was raised for CALM; a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. His work has been driven by grief and compassion for his peers, and his passion for the cause has grown and grown, as he strives to develop awareness further.