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The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company Outdoor Tour 2019

Haslemere Museum
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Entry Fee: £17

Saturday 8th June, 2019

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Co return to Haslemere Museum garden on Saturday 8th June to perform ‘Ikarus Inc’, a play about hopes and dreams. Set in the town of Dreamville, Indiana, in the ‘50’s, a travelling salesman, Daedalus H.Gildersleeves, and his son Ikarus, sell dreams from a suitcase. Secret hopes are laid bare as they begin to fly the townsfolk up into the clear blue skies to their dreams. Hilarious, romantic, tender, and laced with rock’n’roll! Meanwhile the ladies of the local Buffalos Club – the Buffalesses – enter a competition to make the biggest pumpkin pie ever to raise money for ‘the sufferin’ poor’. For Ol’ Mercy Coffin it is just the devil tempting them. But will they fly and achieve their dreams or come crashing down to the cold hard earth? Will the pumpkin pie get baked? Bring your own low backed chair, a picnic and warm clothing.

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