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Visit the Camberley Glass website to find out more

Aldershot & Fleet Masters Rugby League Club

Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Club
Aldershot Park, Guildford Road, Aldershot GU12 4BP

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Every week from 20th February, 2019 to 18th December, 2019

Masters Rugby League came to the UK from Australia and is a derivative of rugby league designed to keep older gentlemen playing the game they love without the risk of injury that goes with playing a contact sport.

Traditionally there is a national division between the two codes of Rugby with Union being more popular in the south and League in the north. This is further impacted by the scarcity of Masters teams in the South, prior to August there were only three teams in the south.

The ages range from 35 to players in their 60's, gentlemen who haven't played rugby since school are coming along and rediscovering a new lease of life! We're particularly committed to recruiting men 60+ as it offers those who might not be socially active an opportunity to connect with their peers, make new friends and engage in a bit of physical exercise.

Events in Surrey and Hampshire

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