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Visit the website to find out more
Visit the website to find out more

The Surrey & Hampshire Well Being Clinic

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Telephone: 01252 560864
Email: info@thesurreywellbeingclinic.com
Website: www.theholistichealthcaregroup.com
Address: 1 The Courtyard
Clare Park
GU10 5DT
Opening Times: 9am-6pm Monday-Wednesday, 9am-9pm Thursday, 9am-8pm Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday
Delivery Cost: N/A
Delivery Radius: N/A

The Surrey and Hampshire Well Being clinic is part of The Holistic Healthcare Group (HHG). The clinics that are part of the HHG work closely with all of our other projects enabling the therapists involved to excel further in their chosen subjects by gaining diverse experience in being a therapist, lecturing, education and business.

In light of our current climate, we have decided to adapt and change to a new “normal” so we can continue supporting our clients the best way we can. You can now book online zoom calls with your therapists and now tune into webinars and classes. Some treatments can’t be done online, but for the vast majority you can still do virtually in the comfort of your own home.

What we now provide online –

- Classes (exercise, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, Pilates and children’s classes)

- Webinars. Webinars from all of our therapists aimed to help you manage your health, mental health and pain.

- Children’s activities. Crafts, cooking, story time and more! We are here to help for 30mins-1hr so you can take a well-deserved break!

- Virtual clinic. Access all of our expert therapists for on line 121 appointments.


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