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Visit the website to find out more
Visit the website to find out more


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Help shoppers and stores for FREE - get your essentials efficiently, keep social distancing.
Developed by Guildford local for Guildford locals.

Stores, we promote your store with stock availability information. 1) You provide stock information to ShopAid regularly. 2) Shoppers see the stock information. 3) Shoppers come to your shop.

Shoppers, say bye to queuing up for 15 mins+ and don't get what you need in-store. 1) Come to the ShopAid website before you shop. 2) Go to the store(s) with what you want to buy. 3) Help other shoppers by sharing the stock level you see on ShopAid.

Telephone: 07861432657
Website: stocktaking.wixsite.com/shopaid

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