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Risking Nostalgia

About Risking Nostalgia:

Emerging from the ashes of an 8 year dream, Risking Nostalgia is the next chapter in Alternative Rock crafted from the mind of Jake Tempest. In the August of 2016 Ollie Rann joined Jake and Risking Nostalgia on the drums to fill out the musical proficiency of the band, bringing with him a keen interest and ability to only augment the passionate pyschedelia already in place. January of 2017 saw the arrival of their bass player, Liam Matthews, and shortly afterwards Charlie Kenny completed the four piece by taking over responsibility of the drums and allowing Ollie Rann to step up to guitar. After releasing their first EP self-entitled ‘Risking Nostalgia’, the band are currently writing new songs and playing live shows.

The concept collects blues-esque styled rock rhythms under a chorus of soaring lead guitar inspired by bands such as Radiohead, Biffy Clyro and Queens of the Stone Age mixed with intense vocal melodies.

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