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About Gid:

Having studied vocals at Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, though completely self-taught on all other areas of his music, Gid’s Ochos is a perfect encapsulation of life today. There are no plastic rainbows or reality show audiences – this is indie music as it should be, portraying real lives and real emotions without selling your soul to The Man. With a raft of new tracks already completed, the future is looking bright for Gid Sedgwick.

Gaining early support from BBC Introducing, “Ochos” gives a fascinating insight into the innovative music brain of an aspiring, newcomer. It won’t take you too long to figure out Gid really, is someone with creative ideas, as there is a melting pot of whip-smart, music fusions being, explored in the track. I wasn’t expecting “Ochos” to be, anything as complex as it is. My first listen through, to Gid’s indie spoken vocal style, combined with the deep, sonically resonating synths came as quite a pleasant revelation. The lyrics are very, slick in their delivery and the pounding, beatific melody sizzles, with a magnetizing, energy-field of electronics.

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