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About Sertari:

Following a busy couple of years which saw UK singer and songwriter SERTARI chart in Europe and win the Akademia "Singer/Songwriter" Award for her Unplugged EP, she has now finished her new EP 'Bright Star featring Grammy Award winner J-Ivy. Sertari has also made it to the grand FINAL at the O2 Academy Islington.

Sertari is a singer with a passion for both writing and live performance. Born in the UK to a Cypriot family, she was brought up in a quiet town where the closest thing to the Mediterranean is Costa Coffee. With a huge range of musical influences, from Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and Kate Bush to Avici, Toris Amos, Gwen Stefani and System Of A Down, she used the stage as an outlet and has consistently shown the ambition and creativity to achieve great things.

She started off by setting up her own label, and running her own live music nights on the South Coast to promote independent talent, as well as promote her own music! As a result of her drive, she has already achieved much self-propelled success, with worldwide releases, press, TV and radio exposure behind her. She was also recently offered a record deal with a Major European Label - but for the time being, she is staying Independent.

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