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Lewis Mason


Local Places I Love...

  • Farnham Park – Loads of great memories with friends in all seasons!
  • The EBB Stadium – The Shots have become my second team by providing much entertainment and excitement since I started reporting on them. (Obviously still no Fratton Park, though! Play Up Pompey!)
  • The Mill at Elstead. A lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon!

Songs I Love...

  • Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now. What a tune! If I’m in a grump, this song will get me smiling again in no time! 
  • Bring Him Home – Les Miserables. I love a bit of theatre and this song is just brilliant on so many levels.
  • Charlie Brown – Coldplay. My favourite song of recent times. Seeing this performed at the BRIT Awards was something very special!

Movies I Love...

  • Dumb and Dumber. I think that if I was ever to be in a film, this would suit me quite well!
  • Toy Story. A real childhood classic which is still so good!
  • The King’s Speech. I thought that this film deserved every accolade it received - it carries humour and poignancy in great measure.

TV Shows I Love...

  • Gavin and Stacey – I never tire of watching any of the episodes, even with my sister trying to re-create them with truly awful impressions!
  • The Inbetweeners – Another comedy series which makes me belly laugh every time. We all know people like Jay, Neil, Simon and Will!
  • Match of the Day – Saturday night TV at its best! Goals, goals, goals!

Lyrics I Love...

  • Cos I’m a better man, moving on to better things – She Moves In Her Own Way – The Kooks
  • If this town is just an apple, then let me take a bite – Human Nature – Michael Jackson
  • When trouble thinks it’s found us, the world falls down around us, I promise baby, you won’t ever feel a thing – You Won’t Feel A Thing – The Script


 Celebs I Love...

  • The Saturdays – Ever since they dropped by Eagle Towers, I’ve always had quite a large soft spot for them!
  • David Beckham – A true footballing professional. I’d love the chance to interview him as he always seems such a genuine guy.
  • Lynda Bellingham – One of the loveliest ladies I’ve ever met!


 My Favourite things...

  • Music
  • Football
  • Family