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Animal Carer

The purpose of the Animal Carer is to provide a high standard of care to our client's animals on their private estate. The animals include dogs, cats and rabbits however there may be other animals to look after. Duties include: - Feeding animals. - Cleaning animal habitats. - Cleaning all animal bedding, bowls and accessories. - Exercising all animals. - Bathing, brushing and grooming all animals. - Checking all animals for injury or sickness. - Taking any ill animals to the vet. - Administering any medicines or treatments to animals. - Maintaining stock/supplies. - Any other duties as and when required.

-          6 star luxury hospitality and property management company

-          Deliver services to a VIP family by providing them with staff such as housekeepers, chauffeurs, security, gardeners, horse grooms, cooks, kitchen porters, chefs, nannies, maintenance assistances, plumbers, electricians, engineers and so on, but we also have the support functions of HR, IT, finance and purchasing as well as a medical and travel team, so it’s a very large operation

-          The family live abroad but own a large number of properties and estates in the UK (London, Surrey, Suffolk) but they come to the UK predominantly during the summer months of every year on holiday.

-          Our permanent/fixed term head count is approximately 500 however we increase our numbers to approximately 1000 to cope with the visit in the summer which is why we are recruiting seasonal staff. 

-          We are the company, not an agency, and work exclusively for this family.

Closing Date:
1st June 2019


Longcross, Surrey


160 Brompton Road
T: 0330 390 1000
E: recruitment@ukme.co.uk

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